30 April 2007

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies

These are in no particular order:

1. Ella Enchanted - mainly for the one scene where Ella (Anne Hathaway) sings Queen's Somebody to Love. That girl can sing.

2. Stepmom - I saw this with my roommate in college. Very good movie then. Very good now. Everytime it comes on t.v., I have to watch it. Favorite part: the shushing.

3. Bring it On - yeah, I know. Having been on the drill team in high school, dance and cheerleading competitions still catch my eye from time-to-time. But really, it's all for the spirit fingers.

4. National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation - second favorite Vacation movie (to Christmas Vacation). I'm entertained by Mr. Papagiorgio. The quote that sticks in my craw for some crazy reason, "I do not require them."

5. Strictly Ballroom - independent Australian film. It really isn't all that great. The plot line is quite predictable. It must be the dancing thing again. And the fact that my naive self is fascinated with the existence of flamenco dancing in Australia. Really?

6. Muriel's Wedding- quite possibly the big screen debut for Toni Collete. Another independent Australian moving that may have come out at about the same time as Strictly Ballroom. The whole soundtrack is by Abba. What's not to like about that? Or the talent show scene. Or the whole coming-of-age storyline.

7. Connie and Carla - Great movie! It drives my husband crazy that I have to watch this every time it comes on. For you X-Files fans, David Duchovny is in it, too. Plus, show tunes and transvestites. Again, what's not to love.

8. Finding Nemo - There's, "Sharkbait, hoo haha!" and "Just keep swimming" and the turtles and whalespeak. It's one of those have-to-watch-it-on-t.v.-even-though-I-own-it movies.

9. Legally Blonde - Reese Witherspoon is just too cute to pass up. And the underlying message that (cute) blondes can be smart, too. I haven't seen the sequel yet, the disgusted looks I get from my husband for watching the first one are bad enough.

10. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle - I really feel guilty for this one, because this really is a guy movie, but I find it entertaining none-the-less. It's so off the wall. And since NPH's announcement a few months ago, it has become even more entertaining for reasons I can't convey on this PG blog. It's not something to watch with your parents or your kids. And there is a lot of sexual content - though nowhere near as bad as the unrated version of Team America.

Remember now that these are "Guilty Pleasure" movies, so don't judge me. Really. Stop right now. You have them, too.


cjh said...

I haven't seen Ella Enchanted but based on the rest of the list, I'm sure to like it. You didn't mention that you cry everytime you watch Stepmom. Oh, wait. Maybe that's me. I dig so many of these but you didn't mention Dirty Dancing. That's probably my favorite one that's not on here. They really did have the time of their lives...

Bubba's Sis said...

I was going to say Dirty Dancing,too!

angelq said...

I saw that they are re-releasing Dirty Dancing to the theaters for a couple of days (this week maybe) for the 20th Anniversary. 20 Years! That's crazy!

cjh said...

I know. My friend Leslie and I watched it just about everyday that first summer it was out on video. Can you say lack of adult supervision?

Bubba's Sis said...

I saw that, too - I have it on VHS, but not DVD. Maybe I should go see the re-release and sit in the back and recite all the lines and sing all the songs....hee hee!

StaceyG said...

Finding Nemo isn't a GUILTY pleasure, is it? If that's true, I could list a bunch of Disneys!! =)

One of my TV guilty pleasures is the E True Hollywood Story. I am addicted.

MommyProf said...

I heart the Australian national film board. You might enjoy Cosi, also.