03 November 2013

Being Present

I took today to be present with the girls which is something I often have trouble with. It's so easy to hide behind the camera or, occasionally, the phone, I'm reluctant to admit. And often I'm so busy trying to do the things I think will make me a better mom - the things I want them to remember about their childhood - that I forget to just be in the moment. 

So I neglected the dishes and just spent time with them. So, for today, being present meant:

:: making tents
:: playing UNO and Hungry, Hungry Hippos
:: reading together
:: homemade pizzas and black bean hummus
:: looking at wedding and baby pictures

It wasn't enough. 

Joining in with Amanda at The Habit of Being blog.


the habit of being said...

so very guilty. being present is always me actively making the decision to be present, i can get so lost in gathering of memories, the guarding of and filing them away that i lose sight of the moment.

cjm said...

Ditto over here. I also feel like projects need to get done--things around the house, etc. Sounds like a fun day you had. :)